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Succenergy Method  Book Release

Activate your energy, discover your success inside you

" Ecokaya CEO & Executive Coach Tania Tome was our leadership training expert at UNDP Africa in Uganda. It has developed an innovative leadership model that is captivating employees, entrepreneurs, leaders and young people worldwide. We need more 'Tanias Tomés' in the world. "

Njoya Tikum - United Nations  Regional Volunteers Director

Tânia Tomé

Tânia Tomé is multifaceted international Award winner, Economist, Entrepreneur, Tv personality and chairwoman of Ecokaya Company. For over 15 years, more than 5 million people, have enjoyed the, warmth, motivation and transformational influence of her business, personal development events, lectures, coaching sessions, television and Radio programs and appearances, books and public events in many countries. She is the number #1 international coach and Motivational speaker from Africa Portuguese Speaking Countries. She did develop her own inspirational coaching session, a leadership and motivational method and concept called Succenergy to empower people, entrepreneurs and leaders that led her to a TED talk. The method, developed by Tânia Tomé, is used in various training, coaching, workshops and lectures of her company, Ecokaya, given to companies and public and private organizations in several countries, such as Uganda, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Rwanda, USA, Swaziland and Mozambique, among others. She has been honored by Mipad New York as one of the “100 Most Influential People, African Descent under 40 in the world" and her work  is embraced by personalities, billionaires, millionaires, state presidents, ministries, ambassadors, and many celebrities and CEOs around the world.

Tania Tome with other personalities in the world

Indiana Mayor Buttieg
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker With Indiana Mayor
Capevert President Hon Fonseca
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker, Personality with Capevert President
Tv Personality, Author,International Coach & Motivational Speaker with Entrepreneur Akon
Mandela Widow Graça Machell
International Coach, Motivational Speaker & Celebrity Tania Tome with South African First Lady, Mandelas Widow Graca Machel
USA CEO George Fraser
Tania Tome International Coach, Motivational Speaker & author with George Fraser Top6 Forbes Conference
Former Moz President Chissano
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker with Former Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano
TV host Luciano HULK
Celebridade Global, Autora e palestrante Tania Tome com o apresentador famoso brasileiro Luciano Hulk
Ceo Richard Branson
Entrepreneur,International Coach,Motivational Speaker & Author Tania Tome with amazing entrepeneur Richard Branson
UN Secretary Kofi Annan
International Coach, Motivational Speaker, Leader and author Tania Tome with United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan
President Hon. Ellen Jonhson
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker, with President from Liberia Ellen Johnson
Costa Rica President Hon Chinchila
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker with Costa Rica President Laura Chinchila
Ndaba Mandela
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker with Nelson Mandela GrandSon, Ndaba Mandela
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Testimonials & Endorsements

"Tânia Tome in' Succenergy - Activate your energy and discover
success within yourself 'is fantastic! This book is a Must-read book
for entrepreneurs, city managers and mayors who face daily
challenges. She teaches us to masterfully how to be successful in pursuit of
our purposes. Succenergy makes it clear why she was chosen as one
of the 100 most influential people in the world!

                         Haroldo Naves - President of the Goiana Federation of Municipalities & Mayor, Brazil

"Having imagination, seizing opportunities, believing and flourishing is a promising mind thing, it is an entrepreneurial thing, it is Tânia
Tome's thing. To know Tánia and host her in our country Sao Tome and Principe, honoring the Ministry event that I have
the honor to Guardianship, was in fact "Succenergy". Tânia Tome purpose is transform lives, to transform the world. keep inspiring Tania Tome,
Africa and the world need people like you."

Vinicio Pina - Minister of Youth and Entrepreneurship SaoTome & Principe

"Ecokaya CEO Tania Tomé is an excellent financial professional who,
in her natural and captivating communicator way, brings us in
this succenergy book tips on how we can use our energies for
success. Tomé is our ambassador worldwide & I have no doubt about the
worldwide success of this book. "


Adriano Maleiane - Mozambican Finance Minister

Tãnia Tomé is an amazing personality of note who is well known for her passion to see the emergence of huge number of wave making entrepreneurs. Tania`s purpose for living is well cut out especially this time when Africa is in search for visionary leaders. Tania is an influencer with a rich mind and I know that whatever comes out of this great woman will surely be a blessing to our world.


Linus Okorie - Gotni - Nigeria Leadership Academy President

Tania Tome Weekly Video Series

Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
Tania Tome International Coach & Motivational Speaker
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